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Welcome to Powder Coating Consultants (PCC), an independent engineering firm specializing in the use of powder coating technology. Our mission is to educate our clients so they can make informed decisions as they proceed with their powder coating project and surface finishes project. Established in 1988, PCC has a worldwide reputation for providing expert, independent, and cost-effective Powder Coating Consulting Services.

At PCC, our only business is helping you get the best possible results from your current or future powder coated surface finishes. Contact us at (800) 97-POWDER to learn how PCC can assist you in making your project a reality with our Powder Coating Services.

Versatile, Experienced, Respected

Powder Coating Consultants
has associates, whose backgrounds in the powder coating industry include powder formulation, equipment design, system integration, process control, and finishing system management. With these resources at your disposal, you can be confident that PCC can handle your project skillfully and in accordance with the highest technical standards.

Powder Coating Consultants is well known and respected in the powder coating industry. As members, we actively participate in the Powder Coating Institute (PCI), the Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI), Society of Manufacturing Engineers(SME), and the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF).

Powder Coating Consultants has written over 100 feature articles including Question & Answer columns published by several industry magazines. Look for our articles in Powder Coating, Metal Finishing, Plating and Surface Finishing, and Products Finishing journals. They know where to get the correct answers to complex powder coating issues. Do you?

Learn more about how powder coating technology provides long-lasting surface finishes for metal surfaces.



How Do We Manage Your Risk?

How Powder Coating Service Works

When you contact PCC, we start by discussing our Powder Coating Services in terms of the help you need. You decide which areas you need our help and which areas you can handle on your own. Because we tailor our services to our each customer's requirements, you ultimately control the costs of our services.

Our Work Starts with You


We consider each project on the basis of the end result you require. We consider the configuration of the parts you finish, the film thickness required, special color considerations, finish quality specifications, production rate, and many other parameters such as available space that makes your project unique. 

By tailoring our spectrum of services to your particular requirements, Powder Coating Consultants can provide the level of support you need. We educate you so that you can make the informed decisions necessary for a successful powder coating project.

Because we are independent consultants we can look at each phase of your finishing operation as part of a complete system. We consider equipment, powders, and pretreatment chemicals in terms of what best fits your part configurations, your quality requirements, and your production demands.

A Record of Success


Do we produce quality results? You bet! We are proud of an enviable track record of success. We are successful only because we have helped our clients solve their powder coating problems and improved their profits. Our record of quality, cost-effective, performance has led many of our clients to favor us with repeat business.

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We Are "The" Powder Coating Experts!

Professional Powder Coating Experts

Professional, objective consultant services are difficult to obtain in a marketplace that has manufacturers, equipment representatives, and powder formulators passing themselves off as consultants.

We are the largest, most experienced, and best equipped independent consulting company in the powder coating industry. With hundreds of projects under our belts, our associates bring a wealth of experience making powder coating systems deliver the quality, efficiency, and productivity that yields profit dollars.

Having experienced, professional help can make the difference between success or failure of any powder coating project. PCC can provide the help you need to make informed, prudent decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Contact us today at (800) 97-POWDER to take advantage of our extensive know-how in the field of powder coating. 

Featured Powder Coated Services

Our most popular services include:
>> Operational Audits
>> Production Analyses
    (both batch and conveyorized in-line)
>> Process Specifications
>> Material Specifications
>> Operational Cost Analyses

Other Services..

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