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Nick Liberto nominates Greg Bocchi to the PCI Hall of Fame

Nick Liberto, President of Powder Coating Consultants (PCC) presented Greg Bocchi, former Executive Director of the Powder Coating Institute to the PCI “Hall of Fame” during their September 2015 annual meeting in Las Vegas.  Nick told those in attendance:

“I was initially hesitant to nominate Greg for the PCI Hall of Fame because I thought that a nomination coming from me would be like the “Kiss of Death” but it worked out anyway.”

“My relationship with Greg started shortly after he assumed his position with the organization.  We became instant friends not only because we shared a common ethnic heritage and are the same age, but because we both had a fervent passion for our industry.”

“Greg and I started a tradition of going to dinner on the final day of the trade show.  After all the boxes were packed and the final details put to bed, it was time to decompress and share a good meal and talk about anything not work related.  Greg’s appetite for a well prepared giant steak was unsurpassed.  This always pissed me off, as he is still one of the skinniest people I know.  During these dinners we often discussed things from our past and current private lives.  The time at dinner always passed too quickly but we always had something to look forward to at the next year’s show.”

“My wife and I always appreciated being invited to the “annual meeting after party” in Greg & Linda’s hospitality suite.  Greg would give us a note with the room number written on it and say “don’t tell anyone else”, as he has limited space.  Nancy and I were excited to be on the A-list!  This put us in a difficult spot, as you had to make a tactical exit from the conversations with other members after the Awards Banquet not knowing who else was invited, only to see them also at the “after party”.”

“Greg was Executive Director of PCI during its most formative years.  His plans and skillful execution resulted in the meteoric growth of the organization from 1984 through 2008.  Additionally, PCI’s place as the preeminent trade association in the finishing industry was directly related to Greg’s leadership.  Greg’s ability to direct a dynamic organization comprised of forceful and vocal members with divergent agendas was unsurpassed in the finishing industry.  No other person had the demeanor and skill to navigate the PCI towards its remarkable position in our industry under such demanding circumstances.  During Greg’s tenure he was PCI and PCI was Greg.  The two were undeniably connected and identified.  No single person in the powder industry has had such an impact or presence before or since.  Please join me in welcoming Greg as our newest member of the PCI Hall of Fame.”