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PCC supports PCI by providing speakers to the Powder Coating 2016 Technical Conference in Atlanta

Nick Liberto, President of Powder Coating Consultants (PCC) presented “Estimating and Reducing Your Powder Coating System’s Operational Costs” at Powder Coating 2016 sponsored by the Powder Coating Institute in Atlanta Georgia.  Held at the Georgia International Convention Center from April 11th through the 14th this event was well attended by suppliers and end-users alike.  The abstract for this presentation stated:

“Calculating your coating system’s operational costs can be difficult, especially in large complicated processes.  However, this is the first step you must take to determine which areas of your coating process are the most costly and what actions can provide the best savings.  We will discuss how to estimate your total operational costs and the tools that are available to simply this process.  This evaluation will include all process costs, providing a complete overview of total operational costs.  This cost evaluation can apply to any coating process, whether it is a current operation (liquid or powder) or an estimation of the operational costs for a future, or planned, coating process.  Techniques for reducing operational costs will be reviewed with actual real-world examples to provide the attendee with recommendations where they can reduce costs in their own process.  This presentation will be significantly updated to include as many documented examples to reduce costs to operate a powder coating system.”