Operational Audits

We thoroughly evaluate all aspects of your operation from loading, through pretreatment, powder application and cure, to unloading. Besides the equipment inspections, part presentation and conveyance , environmental conditions, housekeeping, safety, logistics, operator skills, equipment maintenance, and QA/QC are all considered during our audits. We also determine how well the powder coating process integrates into your overall manufacturing process:
  • Are parts efficiently delivered from fabrication?
  • Does the powder coating process  efficiently supply parts to assembly?
  • Is the process under control?
  • Failure analysis: finishing defects and their root causes.
  • Are the operators adequately trained?
  • Are the powder formulations adequate for the desired finish?

Special focus is provided to areas where our customers have the greatest concerns. All findings are documented in a comprehensive Operational Audit Report complete with recommendations for corrective actions.

Production Analysis

We take your production targets and quality requirements to determine whether your current system can meet the desired goals. We account for available production time, color changes, future production requirements, rework issues, and available shifts. This information is also key for procuring new powder coating systems.

Our production analysis will also help ensure you buy a system properly sized for your particular needs. Too large a system results in excessive capital investment and capacity. Bottlenecks are caused by undersized systems. For example, this analysis determines whether or not you can use a batch process for reducing your capital and operational costs. We provide this information to you in a Production Analysis Report containing all details of the analysis.

Operational Cost Analysis

We calculate your current operating costs and compare them to the costs of operating alternative finishing solutions. Understanding anticipated costs or savings is necessary for determining the Return On Investment (ROI) of the competing alternatives.  We provide this information to you in a detailed Operational Cost Analysis Report.

Powder Coating System Specifications

We translate your finishing requirements into current standards understood throughout the finishing industry by providing a Powder Coating System Specification tailored to your needs. By purchasing a system using these specifications, our clients obtain a process designed to meet their needs with little risk. This is because the system configuration can be verified by spec-based tests and inspections prior to acceptance. The final progress payment is made only after the system has performed as expected.

Specifications also facilitate the evaluation of system proposals since vendors are all responding to the same set of requirements- or should be. Without well defined specifications, vendors tend to propose unique system solutions making compare/contrast evaluations extremely difficult.

For all these reasons, your best protection is a well defined specification for a powder coating system!

Material Specifications

We generate Material Specifications detailing your products' quality of finish required to meet your customer's expectations. This is very important since your customers often establish your product's value based on appearance and durability of the finish.  Selecting a powder formulation using specifications tailored to your requirements will help ensure you obtain the desired finish.

A well-written Material Specification is your only protection against formulation changes that can adversely impact your product's appearance and durability of the finish, operating costs, the defect rate associated with powder coating, and their associated rework and/or scrap costs.



Professional, objective consultant services are difficult to obtain in a marketplace that has manufacturers, equipment representatives, and powder formulators passing themselves off as consultants.

Consulting on Powder Coating Formulations & Pretreatment

We are the largest, most experienced, and best equipped independent consulting company in the powder coating industry. With hundreds of projects under our belts, our associates bring a wealth of experience making powder coating systems deliver the quality, efficiency, and productivity that yields profit dollars.

Powder Coating QA/QC Procedures & Process Control

Having experienced, professional help can make the difference between success or failure of any powder coating project. PCC can provide the help you need to make informed, prudent decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Contact us today at (800) 97-POWDER to take advantage of our extensive know-how in the field of powder coating.

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