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powder coating equipmentProfessional, objective consultant services are difficult to obtain in a marketplace that has manufacturers, equipment representatives, and powder formulators passing themselves off as consultants.

Powder Coating System Audits & Work Instructions

We are the largest, most experienced, and best equipped independent consulting company in the powder coating industry. With hundreds of projects under our belts, our associates bring a wealth of experience making your powder coating system deliver the quality, efficiency, and productivity that yields profit dollars. Consider us for your powder coating service needs.

Powder Coating QA/QC Procedures

Having experienced, professional help can make the difference between success or failure of any powder coating system or project. PCC can provide the help you need to make informed, prudent decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Contact us today at (800) 97-POWDER to take advantage of our extensive know-how in the field of powder coating.

 Versatile, Experienced, Respected
Powder Coating Consultants has associates, whose backgrounds in the powder coating industry include formulation, powder coating equipment design, system integration, process control, and finishing system management. With these resources at your disposal, you can be confident that PCC can handle your project skillfully and in accordance with the highest technical standards.

Powder Coating Consultants is well known and respected in the powder coating industry. As members, we actively participate in the Powder Coating Institute (PCI), the Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), and the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF).

Experienced "Hands On" Powder Coating System Instructors

Powder Coating Consultants has written over 100 feature articles including Question & Answer columns published by several industry magazines. Look for our articles in Powder Coating, Metal Finishing, Plating and Surface Finishing, and Products Finishing journals. They know where to get the correct answers to complex powder coating issues. Do you?

 Our Work Starts with You
We consider each project on the basis of the end result you require. We consider the configuration of the parts you finish, the film thickness required, special color considerations, finish quality specifications, production rate, and many other parameters such as available space that makes your project unique.

By tailoring our spectrum of services to your particular requirements, Powder Coating Consultants can provide the level of support you need. We educate you so that you can make the informed decisions necessary for a successful powder coating project.

Because we are independent consultants we can look at each phase of your finishing operation as part of a complete system. We consider equipment, powders, and pretreatment chemicals in terms of what best fits your part configurations, your quality requirements, and your production demands.

 Powder Coating Consultants Can Make it Happen:

* Feasibility Study
—We consider your production goals, products' design, and quality requirements for evaluating alternative processes you can use to finish your products. We compare/contrast technologies, floor space, manpower requirements, and operating costs. We estimate the capital required for each alternative.

* System Design
—We take your production requirements and design a complete system to meet your needs.
* Material and Chemical Selection
—We take your products' performance needs and formulate specifications communicating these criteria to material and chemical suppliers.
* Equipment Selection
—We recommend equipment that best does the job you need to do. Not every piece of equipment is right for every job.
* Project Management
—We can assume complete management responsibility for your project from conception through start-up. We use P.E.R.T. and other management techniques to bring the job in on time, within budget, and operating according to specifications.

* Operational Audits—We perform a complete, detailed operational audit of your powder coating system with emphasis on operator training and system modification. We look at everything because every phase of the powder coating process counts. Our audits will improve your operating efficiency and product quality.
* Field Service
—Our field service team can troubleshoot or fine tune your system to increase its productivity and operating efficiency.
* Work Instructions
—We can provide detailed work instructions tailored to your powder coating process in ISO 9001 format. Work instructions ensure your personnel understand what they have to do and how to do it. They also allow you to obtain consistent results out of the powder coating operation while minimizing down time.
* Process Control
—We work with QA/QC to establish the pertinent parameters you must control so that your process delivers high quality products on a consistent basis. We can support statistical process control (SPC) and Six Sigma efforts.
* Training
—We train your operators and maintenance staff on your entire system so that you can produce the finish quality and productivity you need.
 A Record of Success
Do we produce quality results? You bet! We are proud of an enviable track record of success. We are successful only because we have helped our clients solve their powder coating problems and improved their profits. Our record of quality, cost-effective, performance has led many of our clients to favor us with repeat business.
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- Automation Enhancements
- Capital Appropriation Requests
- Color Change & Recovery
- Cost/Savings Analysis
- Equipment Selection
- Equipment Specification
- Failure Analysis
- Feasibility Studies
- Hanger Design
- In-Plant Seminars & Training
- JIT Programs
- Liquid System Conversion
- Litigation Assistance
- Market Analysis
- Material Specification
  & Selection
- Operational Audits
- Outside Contractor
- PLC Design & Programming
- Powder Formulation
 -Process Control
- Process Improvement
- Production Analysis
- Product Design Assistance
- Project Management
- QA/QC Procedures
- R.O.I. / Payback Analysis
- Reverse Engineering
- SPC Programs
- Start-up Assistance
- Strategic Planning
- System Layout & Design
- Training Courses & Seminars
- Troubleshooting
- Vendor Analysis
- Work Instructions
- World Class Manufacturing

   Sounds Great, But Does It Work?  
  We have worked with manufacturers who are now successfully powder coating a wide variety of products. These products include store fixtures, golf carts, and appliances, just to name a few.

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If you are considering a switch from a liquid system to powder coating or are having trouble with your existing powder coating system, don't just rely on your knowledge to carry you through. Please call us at (800) 97-POWDER or just e-mail us for more information. We at Powder Coating Consultants look forward to working with you and your organization.
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