Cost Gauge Pro estimates the operational costs for applying organic finishes based on application requirements, materials, line configuration, energy consumption, and labor. The results are presented both on an annualized and per square foot basis. 

Designed for use with Microsoft Excel software, Cost Gauge Pro is based on performance models used extensively in the finishing industry. These models have been refined by over 25 years of empirical data gathered over hundreds of finishing projects. Cost Gauge Pro provides the most complete operational costing tool on the market today. Both OEM's and custom finishers will find Cost Gauge Pro invaluable for:

  • Estimating the Actual Costs for Finishing Product.
  • Pricing Rationale.
  • Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Comparing Liquid Painting Costs vs. Powder Coating Costs.
  • "What-iffing" the Economic Effects on the Finishing Operation due to changes in Coating Materials, Line Configuration, Labor, Energy, and Application Requirements.
Cost Gauge Pro is available in three versions:
  • Cost Gauge Pro Powder.
  • Cost Gauge Pro Liquid.
  • Cost Gauge Pro Combo.

Each version is tailored to a general "use" case. These "use" cases include powder coating, liquid based paints, and the combination of both to support the analysis of alternatives. Microsoft Excel-based Cost Gauge Pro is extremely easy to use since its operation is based on the popular spreadsheet. The user is presented with a spreadsheet organized so that categorized data entries are toward the top of the spreadsheet. These entries then flow into the calculated values which are displayed in the bottom lines.

Operating Requirements:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows only.
  • Microsoft Excel (32 bit version).
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Cost Gauge Pro Powder
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Cost Gauge Pro Liquid
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Cost Gauge Pro Combo
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Powder Coating: The Complete Finisher's Handbook is the result of a cooperative effort by more than 30 powder coating industry experts. Over 30,000 copies of this award-winning hardcover book have been sold to date. The handbook contains over 400 pages of text and 200 illustrations covering all aspects of the powder coating process. This book is a MUST for current and future powder coater knowledge—the information contained in this book can make their existing operations more efficient or ease the conversion to powder coating.

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Powder Coating Terms & Definitions is a great companion reference to the Powder Coating Handbook. This soft cover book provides definitions to hundreds of commonly used terms in the powder coating industry.

This valuable guide to terminology used in the powder coating industry has never before been offered at this low price.
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User's Guide to Powder Coating
Recently updated to include the newest powder coating technologies, this book has been in publication for over 15 years. Its contributors, people on the cutting edge of powder coating technology, have compiled information about the most recent innovations. Current users of powder coating technology should have this book as a ready reference for their daily activities. Potential users will find this information invaluable as they plan their future powder coating operations.

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